Business Case

The business case is built on analysis of the opportunities in the current NFT industry

The opportunity

The current NFT marketplaces are created as a B2C model, marketplaces create the medium where the artists are able to mint and sell their art in an economically beneficial way.

Analyzing the market need, we identified the B2B area where many protocols need a platform they can afford to list the art created that serves the use case for their tokens. The opportunity for us was clear, creating a B2B NFT marketplace where the other protocols can afford to launch in a quick and secured manner.

The product

We are building ArtFormNFT as an NFT Marketplace Launchpad, serving thousands of protocols currently trying to create an NFT economic value for theirs tokens. We are Uberizing the current NFT Marketplace industry.

The business model

Platform as a service for different protocols renting space on our marketplace with affordable prices.

Our Mission

A Launchpad serving other protocols to create NFT utility for their tokens, and serving our investors to maximize ROI on their ARFT

Digital currency

Deflationary supply protecting users from excessive money inflation

Never ending development

Development team working on an entire ecosystem around the protocol

Key features

3 key features to form the backbone of ArtFormNFT Ecosystem

  • Deflation built in: Benchmarked best tokens launched and supply adjusted to best short and long term price increase
  • 10% of each transaction is redistributed to every ARFT Hodler every 60 minutes as BNB
  • 5% of each transaction is added to liquidity increasing price floor and creating better liquidity optimized slippage
  • Presale design to allow the best distribution among holders with max allocation
  • Anti-Whale: Max sell level built in the contract protecting the price from sharp fall
  • Launch on Pancakeswap with high liquidity to protect from extreme volatility
NFT Marketplace Launchpad
  • NFT marketplace Launchpad serving sellers and partners
  • A voting system to adjust the road-map as community extends ownership of the protocol

What is ARFT

A fair distribution rugproof reflect token on the BSC Chain, with value extraction from NFT Marketplace Launchpad



Asset Type


Max Supply

1 000 000 000

Circulating supply

1 000 000 000

Total Burned


Time Since Launch


Economic Utility

ARFT auto yields rewards just for holding it. Every transaction incurs a 15% reflect fee (10%-holders, 5% Locked liquidity). The 10% tax is used to buy BNB and distribute it to ARFT holders every 60 minutes. Hold and earn while others buy and sell to passively get your part using our reflect.

10% Holders

Auto farming without need to interact with contract; in BNB

5% LP

Price floor going up

Ecosystem Utility

ARFT will provide ability to extract value from a large NFT marketplace. Currently no open B2B NFT marketplace exists on BSC and there is few closed proprietary markets that exists with great communities behind.
You are getting part of the Launchpad fees and every NFT sale. Every partnership or NFT sale burns ARFT.

% Sale

Every NFT sale will get a % of BNB to buyback and burn ARFT

% Partnership

Every Partner using the Launchpad will pay a fee. % of it will be used to buyback and burn ARFT

Wallets funds

The allocation of wallets is based on Market cap targets and will be communicated on the go

6% Dev Wallet
60 000 000 ARFT
Payment of development and future integrations
6% Marketing wallet
60 000 000 ARFT
Payment of marketing initiatives unlocked at Market cap levels

The Design Map

Part ½ of the moonmap

Phase 1 : Migration

Create the migration model to bring value for ARFT Hodlers Design new attractive tokenomics Design migration token airdrop Create new contract Audit the new contract Manage the 1 week migration timeline

Phase 2 : Design

Create the Quadfecta of utility for the token Finalize the new tokenomics Communicate on the crowdsourcing model Bring other protocols on board

Phase 3: Launch

Communication on the new presale Start Launch of token Liquidity locks automatically after presale by DXSale Airdrop old hodlers the new token

Phase 4: Marketing

Start execution of the marketing strategy Telegram to 5000 members NFT airdrop

Phase 5:

Consolidate community of ArtFormNFT and partners Telegram to 20000 members Start moonmap 2/2

The Operation Map

Part 2/2 of the moonmap

Phase 1 Launch the NFT Launchpad

The NFT marketplace Launchpad launch Feature the first 10 projects Start accruing value for ARFT Holders

Phase 2 Building the operation

Build the infrastructure for the utility Quadfecta Operationalize the partnership are Manage supply and demand Marketing Phase 2

Tokenomics Quadfecta

Multiple Passive Income Stream


We are designing the new tokenomics prioritizing the token holders, every part of the infrastructure will give more utility to ARFT


Volume of transactions will be taxed and redistributed to Holders


Part of the paid partnership will be distributed to holders


% of every NFT sale will be distributed to holders

Value creation

The utility will bring value to the protocol as a whole and then price increase for ArtFormNFT

Monetizing process

We designed a monetization process with ARFT token as the main beneficiary


Leonardo da Vinci

The original Renaissance Man

Vincent van Gogh

The art master
Head of Marketing

Rembrandt van Rijn

The dutch golden age
Content Strategist

Claude Monet

The impressionist painter